‘Between Two Lands’ — 2017-06-23

‘Between Two Lands’

When someone believes you don’t belong,

it’s their ignorance that’s judging where you’re from.

When they determine you don’t have a home,

remind them that no one really does,

and if your soul and your flesh don’t seem to match,

know that bigots are hard to tell,

and do not fear what those dumbasses may attach,

to the you you’ve cultivated so well.





‘Lone Digger’ [Lyrics] — 2017-06-20

‘Lone Digger’ [Lyrics]

Just a downtown body body coming with a super-hottie

Let’s go, yes, no, hell no

Baby can you move it round the rhythm

Cause you know we’re living in the fast lane, speed up

It ain’t no game, just turn up all the beams when I come up on the scene

-Caravan Palace “Lone Digger”




T4Ee — 2017-06-15
Appropriate Not Appropriated — 2017-06-14

Appropriate Not Appropriated

HOY2: D236

Wednesday Wonderer

I was watching my usual morning movie this morning, which, if anyone’s curious, was Ant-Man. This, of course, is not about that movie, but just as an aside, I do find the thing quite entertaining. It’s one of my favorites of the MCU simply because it’s really lighthearted, and Paul Rudd was a surprising choice that I think worked out surprisingly well. But again, this is not about that. As the movie’s credits were rolling, I was overcome with the intense sensation to experience the new Black Panther trailer. I had seen it once at this point, but I needed to watch it again because something was gnawing at me.


The thing I so thoroughly enjoyed about the trailer was the soundtrack. If you haven’t seen the trailer, the music in the thing is a kickass beat of a, most definitely, hip-hop nature –that’s the part that made me wonder. When I watched the trailer the first time, I remember thinking, “Holy shit, that beat is so sick.” Immediately after that thought, I had this thought, “I hope some non-hip-hop-affiliated white guy didn’t produce that track.” The entire situation was quickly forgotten because the lifemate and I were in the throws of Game Four of the NBA Finals, so unfortunately, I did nothing about the latter thought … until today. Continue reading

Black Panther! —
‘Shortcuts’ — 2017-06-13


“I don’t believe in shortcuts,” we hear you say,

but the truth is simply, one hasn’t come your way.

Sad trifles and condemnation against people who gain unearned,

you stifle in stagnation about your intellect sorely spurned.

In fact, people rarely get what they don’t deserve,

yet you complain, create nothing, oh, what the nerve.

What are the chances you’ll wake up to the crushing feeling

that the problem is you who is jealous, always squealing.

No matter how it is that you want to see it,

peeps like you always lose, you’re a fraud, counterfeit.


[manuscript] p.16 — 2017-06-09

[manuscript] p.16

Deep in thought now, the paper tries its mightiest to remember something, anything. “Air … the freshest of air … big open blue skies with clouds and birds signing,” the paper sighs with ease. The droplets understand something; it’s small, they decide, but significant.

-via Untitled book two by TKsCM

Surviving Seoul Summers — 2017-06-08

Surviving Seoul Summers

HOY2: D231

Thorough Thursday

How-To: Survive the Summer Heat in Seoul

I don’t believe that it’s a secret that the temperatures in Seoul, South Korea, are somewhat uncomfortable for the average human being. That being said, I am less-average in the sense that I’ve always lived in the mountains, which means, frigid winters and mild summers (of course, these days, that does not seem to be the case up in the mountain region from whence I came). Thus, I have never enjoyed hot climates, and so, I find summertime in Seoul less than desirable; actually I find the general climate of Seoul to be less than desirable all the time, but this is not about that. With that said, I have recently discovered a way to enjoy the heat, just in time, no doubt. Even though the temperature hasn’t hit blistering levels quite yet, I have tested out my new strategy a few times already, and I imagine that my plan will work swimmingly even as the temperature climbs.

The heat is blinding!

None of what I’m about to say will be ground-breaking insight nor will it be anything but obvious. Continue reading

Untitled — 2017-06-06


She puts on a smile so the world may see,

the she in her she wants to deceive;

with a plan and a purpose too great to relieve,

she pursues the perception wholeheartedly, naive.





[manuscript] p. 32 — 2017-05-26

[manuscript] p. 32

And there in the distance, a speck of light lighted and now lit by the flare of nostrils, an eyebrow lifted. He walks toward it; the lit light that was lighted grows. Closer now, he attempts to sneak up on it; the lit, lighted light retreats.

-via Untitled book two by TKsCM